first webinar

I was able to listen to the first webinar this morning (16th April) I was pleased to hear the topics Diana chose to talk about, she started to answer some of the questions I had with regard to engaging learners into TEL. I realise that I am going to have to identify protected time for me to focus on the course to keep up with the weekly activities.

We have some staff that are quite a distance away (geographically) from our L&D base and to some degree they miss out on learning opportunities, developing effective e-learning activities online will certainly benefit those people. The webinar stimulated me to think more about the possibilities for meeting the learning needs of our staff and I have starting thinking what that would look like using our LMS. I am going to discuss the issue of working closer and more collaboratively with each other within our L&D team to address the questions that we have as a team regarding providing learning activities and managing our pages on the LMS. I enjoyed listening to Diana talk about pedagogical theories and how they need to be considered when developing learning activities on-line.



Well I did my bio and questions I want to consider in the course….hope they are visible?


OcTEL bio and big questions!

Hi, my name is Tony Heyward, I have been a mental health nurse for many years in the UK and now New Zealand, it’s great to be able to experience doing something that I am really passionate about in two countries.

before I left the UK I spent four years teaching in higher education at University of Central Lancashire, I was employed as a senior lecturer teaching under and post grad mental health nursing.  Whilst there I completed the post grad cert in higher education and I had an introduction to using webct to support teaching and learning.

In my current role I am grappling with using TotaraLMS which includes creating quizzes, lessons and other resources for staff working in the directorate to use for in house staff development. On the LMS we have uploaded learning plans for all staff which includes core competences for profession and the role that they are in.

I feel like I have less IT experience than a lot of people on the MOOC through ocTEL, however I am looking forward to the learning that I can experience along with lots of others.

my questions include:

How can we meet individual’s learning needs by tapping into their learning style using LMS?

How can we engage learners that are working and haven’t necessarily chose to do further academic study?