OcTEL bio and big questions!

Hi, my name is Tony Heyward, I have been a mental health nurse for many years in the UK and now New Zealand, it’s great to be able to experience doing something that I am really passionate about in two countries.

before I left the UK I spent four years teaching in higher education at University of Central Lancashire, I was employed as a senior lecturer teaching under and post grad mental health nursing.  Whilst there I completed the post grad cert in higher education and I had an introduction to using webct to support teaching and learning.

In my current role I am grappling with using TotaraLMS which includes creating quizzes, lessons and other resources for staff working in the directorate to use for in house staff development. On the LMS we have uploaded learning plans for all staff which includes core competences for profession and the role that they are in.

I feel like I have less IT experience than a lot of people on the MOOC through ocTEL, however I am looking forward to the learning that I can experience along with lots of others.

my questions include:

How can we meet individual’s learning needs by tapping into their learning style using LMS?

How can we engage learners that are working and haven’t necessarily chose to do further academic study?


4 thoughts on “OcTEL bio and big questions!

  1. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for these thoughts. Learning needs and learning styles will be referenced in Weeks 2 & 3 of the course. The issue of engagements and widening access crops up at several points throughout the course.

    How do the questions you’ve posed connect with the current work you’re doing on the LMS and learning plans?

    all the best, David

  2. Hi David,
    Thank you for reading and responding to my blog and questions, we have recently introduced a LMS into our directorate for all staff to access their learning plans and courses they can attend face-to-face. Learning plans are made up of core competencies for the profession the person is in and then there are competencies for the role that they are doing i.e a Registered Nurse has competencies they have to meet to maintain registration, however they then have competencies to achieve to contribute to the job they are doing, maybe they are working in alcohol and illicit substances then we in L&D will develop courses that will benefit them in their role. As Nurse Educator I am involved in designing and developing courses that can be uploaded to LMS and they will compliment or replace any face-to-face courses.
    The participants have different levels of motivation to complete courses and varying levels of IT literacy. Their first encounter with the LMS is crucial to their engagement, and I am not convinced we have got it right from that perspective, I think we are losing people at the first hurdle, as it can seem cumbersome for them and beyond what they are familiar with and want.
    i am really keen to put this right, the LMS is here to stay and I believe as a L&D department we need to be more aware of how we get it right for people rather than churning out the same instructions for them to read and try to connect with the LMS. Its a bit like getting a new DVD player some people want the ‘quick set up page’!
    Regards to you

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